“Susan, it’s the 20th Anniversary of the Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation . Should we mark the occasion with something special?”

“Great idea Bruce! After working hands-on with thousands of 1-to-1 school leaders and teachers, let’s extend our capacity to help educators start and sustain effective 1-to-1 programs.”

And so was born the idea of 1to1startup.org, which complements the advice and support available from the foundation by providing access to the resources and tools we and our partners have been using in a ‘do-it-yourself, tailor to your needs’ format.

While transformation is the ultimate goal, to get there we first must address the classroom realities. This calls for a range of resources that meets the needs of ALL teachers… not just the innovation leaders which every school has. While early adopters play a critical role, programmatic success requires you quickly get all teachers engaged and actively involved.

We started by compiling the best of our experiences from running 1-to-1 workshops across 40+ countries, and wrote a workbook for school and district leaders, #Anytime Anywhere Learners which is a blueprint for transforming where, when, and how young people learn.

“This is a must read if you’re serious about getting the best results from your 1-to-1 or BYOD program!”

Then we wanted to offer schools and districts a range of resources that would appeal to teachers at every level of technology familiarity. Importantly, these resources would need to sit within a safe and challenging blended learning environment that supports collaboration and personalization.

Teachers and students log in at go.1to1Startup.org. Here they can form groups, whether they be traditional classes, clubs, or teacher PLCs, and those groups can even span schools. Within the groups teachers and students can share their thoughts and work together. In addition to assigning activities to their own students, teachers can also share lesson plans with others in the larger 1-to-1 community.

We approached Edvation, publishers of award-winning content for 1-to-1 programs, and they were eager to participate. They added their TechSteps activity library content to the 1to1Startup platform. TechSteps provides integrated technology literacy activities through digital inquiry-based projects. TechSteps is comprehensive and engaging and ensures ALL students are able to make the most of the opportunities that 24/7 access offers.

Edvation also contributed their pd21 content. pd21 is a comprehensive professional development program for 1-to-1 teachers that is flexible, continuous and empowering, as teachers manage their own professional learning online.

“pd21 enabled us to easily manage a professional development program for more than 20,000 teachers across the state.”

And to open the doors to real project-based learning we added Exibi, the visual project and portfolio publishing tool. This is what so many schools have been asking us about. The chance to develop inquiry-based projects that are easily managed and monitored by teachers while providing students with unlimited opportunities to develop quality work, all within a framework of evidence-based assessment.

Next we went to the world leaders in coding for schools, LCSI, where Michael Quinn offered us a unique package which includes Microworlds EX PLUS…the top-selling Coding for Kids book by Camille McCue.

And to keep things moving… we called Gary Stager so we could include the brilliant Maker ideas to help schools get underway from their top-selling book he wrote with Sylvia Martinez, Invent to Learn, the ‘Bible for the Maker movement.’

Whether you’re looking to start a 1-to-1 program, or have one underway, this is the best collection of resources you could ask for.

Here’s the best part… the foundation-sponsored cost of this package is as little as $7 per student/year. How’s that for AALF’s anniversary present for schools!

How do I get started?
If all these resources sound like just what you are looking for, call or contact our program administrators using the details below. Provided your organization meets the basic participation requirements, we will register you with the Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation, and take you through the easy steps to apply for, and get this set-up for your school or district.

…AND…as a one off, 20th Anniversary BONUS for districts that purchase by May 31, 2016, our co-founder Bruce Dixon will provide a 60 minute free consulting call for your leadership to help you through your early decisions. Bruce has supported thousands of schools across 40+ countries and his advice is gold.

Contact Our Program Administrators

Call: 1-800-979-0373, Select Option 3

Email: service@1to1startup.org

Download Brochure (Low Res PDF)
Download Brochure (Low Res PDF)